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Choice of Seminars 2014

Class 1:  Contemporary Praise    (Classroom 1                           Teacher – Christa Summers

Class 2:  How to Sing / Voice Enhancement    (Auditorium)              Teacher – Jim Tipps

Class 3:  Sign Language     (Cafeteria)                                                      Teacher -  Lisa Lamb

Class 4:  Instrumental     (TBA)                                                             Teacher – David Summerford



Master Classes with Elder Craig Campbell

Tuesday – Thursday, 9:20 AM

Christian Worship

This year’s Master Classes will be “Christian Worship.”  This series of lectures will be given by Elder Craig Campbell.  In these studies we will strive to understand from Scripture the foundational principles of the true worship of God.  We will focus on how God’s people have worshiped Him as His revelation of Himself unfolded through history.  An application of these principles will hopefully prompt us to have our personal worship of the Lord enhanced, but as well will bless us to learn how to effectively lead in worship and therefore help all in the congregation to worship in a way that is pleasing our Lord.  Plan to join us for this important time of study.