Music Workshop Sacred Harp Page

    The Music Workshop tries to foster an interest in our past musical history involved with shaped note singing in the acapella style of the Sacred Harp. This page has links to recordings and articles that will aid you in participating in this form of music.

Here is a link to many recordings of all day sings in the last several years by a professor at Valdosta State University  

Here is a link of hundreds of midis that can be "tweaked" to change keys or single out one part. The page numbers, lyrics, and titles from a great variety of shaped note books is here  

Music Workshop Home Page

Take advantage of the search feature on Youtube. (Type in the title of a Sacred Harp song)  There are many videos of Sacred Harp sings. There are also some songs originally in the Sacred Harp songs that are done by choirs and instrumentalists. A few examples of YouTubes are here